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Walk through 5/17 -City and Residents

Roland Klausen organized walk through on Fri 5/17 3:15 p.m. with Councilman Joe Cimperman. John Baran, Gloria and Tim Ferris, Roland, Connie Davis. City Sr. Landscape Architect Don Kasych and Park Commissioner Richard Silva walked through and identified 44 (48?) trees that the City claims HAVE to be destroyed in remediation. The City is now claiming this is part of the plan authorized by "federal" EPA.  Councilman Cimperman is following up to determine the validity of this claim and is to schedule a meeting with EPA officials.  Please continue to call/write/email his office with your concerns that should all be documented 216-664-2691.  FTR - Councilman Cimperman has announced his commitment is to assist and support local residents.  Please also contact former ward Councilman Brian Cummins and Councilman Anthony Brancatelli, who is slated to run for representation in the newly created ward that will include WC Reed Field. Councilman Brancatelli has not expressed in interest in helping on this issue to date.

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