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1.) Evidence a plan that proves how City will PROTECT ALL mature and currently-very healthy Oak trees in the park with strictly cordoned off areas - enforced during construction.  
Residents should ID trees needed to be felled for truck access to both sides of the park - Honey Locusts on North side (adjacent to Mapledale) can be removed to allow trucks to access the side of park west of Oak tree line.  Also, indicate how City plans to replace trees that currently screen residents' yards on Park Place and West 15th St.
2.) Evidence the construction schedule - with weekly summary of tasks to be completed 
3.) Install air monitors N-S and E-W of park for daily monitoring during the construction.
4.) Establish ingress and egress for all trucks via W. 15th St. - identify where equipment will be stored overnight.
5.) Evidence a plan that gives the necessary extent of the soil excavation and liner application
6.) Address with clear presentation how liner and subsequent drainage prevents further contamination of the soil to be excavated - residents are concerned that contaminants are seeping up from the landfill.  City of Cleveland has verbally promised tests for adjacent residents - outline compensation  made available if tests prove unacceptable levels of contamination.
The City of Cleveland should be able to allay residents fears and expedite the clean up - if these terms are met.  


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