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A 2nd newsletter has been issued by Councilman Brancatelli to the residents of Ward 12.  In the earlier Ward 12 News, Fall 2016, and now the recent Winter 2016-17.  Not a single sentence given in either concerning the plans and possible schedule of Park improvements for W. C. Reed Field. 

Once a Park and now a Field.

Voters of Ward 12.  2017 is a Municipal Election.   Remember the promises given concerning our Park when you vote.  In November, MAKE WARD 12 GREAT…


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This will be my final Park Update for a while.

On Thursday during the monthly SWCAC meeting an update was given to the community by the City of Cleveland concerning the W. C. Reed project.

W. C. Reed is expected to be re-opened sometime during the summer to walk and play.

The new park improvements are hoped to begin in 2017, and possibly be completed by early 2018?

I wish to state the following:

Once again the date for park improvements have been set back,…


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2016 Cleveland Budget Approved

Monday night Cleveland City Council approved the City Budget. Included within this budget is funding for the W. C. Reed Park improvements. Information to be posted concerning the project as released.

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City Funding for the new W. C. Reed Park improvements are uncertain.

City Officials announced publicly at community meetings that once the EPA project is completed.  A new W. C. Reed Park would be constructed.  To date the City has yet to commit and provide the dollars needed to make these improvements.

The City of Cleveland is able find funds in the amount of $32 million for the Downtown Public Square Park.…


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During the Autumn of 2012. The City of Cleveland closed our W. C. Reed Park. 3 years and counting.
The EPA has completed the soil remediation. No up dated is posted on the EPA web site.
The Park is located in Ward 12. Questions have been given to the Council Representative of Ward 12 for answers. Ward 12 Councilman Anthony Brancatelli…

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The new 18 inch soil capping is now along the homes of the Denison Ave. and Foster Point in the west sections of the Park area. Further details will be released as new areas are capped.

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The Tree Wells to protect our Historic Old Oaks has been complete. Thank You landscaper Rob & Company for all your hard work. The new Soil Cap is being moved into the Park. The area of the Park along Fern Ct. and Forestdale Ave., as well as behind East Denison school is being covered with the new Soil Cap.

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Today Mayor Frank G. Jackson's Administration met with active members of this proud community. Chief Brown, Director Cox and Commissioner Williams represented the City. The City has agreed to preserve part of this Parks history. The Century White Oak that once grew at the top bank of the old ravine and three English Oaks located in the center of the Park. planted in W. C. Reed Park when it opened will remain. Also at this meeting was James Justice of the EPA and Mike Blair. On behalf of this…


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Reported by News Channel 5 on July 29, 2013

Does anyone know how the out come of this news story was changed by one man on May 20, 2014?
CALL ANTHONY BRANCATELLI 216-664-4233 (Promises Made, Promise Not Kept) tell him not to…

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Information Meeting

EPA and other agencies will give a presentation from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 20th to update the community on the site. The informational meeting will take place at St. Barbara’s Church Parish Hall, 1505 Denison Ave in your neighborhood.

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In observance of this years Earth Day. W. C. Reed Park will be DESTROYED to reinvent a New Park. Your tax dollars at work! 

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On February 28, 2014, residents have started to receive their Soil Sample Laboratory Results from the US EPA.  US EPA will be organizing a public meeting later this Spring concerning this issue. 

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Soil testing of parcels is to begin the first week of December for residents that have signed consent forms. These parcels border the park or were once part of the historical old ravine. So far about 1/3 of the 88 parcels have consented.

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No Trees or Tree Branches down in the Park!

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It has been reported. "During the Wind Storm Thursdays night - No Trees or Tree Branches down in the Park!"

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The census concerning the number of trees in the park has been released.  Total number of trees:  57
- perhaps 10 trees will be saved using a gravel tree well.
I do not question the knowledge of ODNR Arborist, Alan Siewert relating to trees.
This proposed ground cap will not permit any tree to survive.  Even without a capping in this park.  Some trees are in deed dying.  The remaining have been neglected by our city for years.  This arborist has recommended…

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I have requested information from the Federal EPA twice now.  First request submitted on September 3, 2013, second request submitted on September 16, 2013.  This question and request is as follows:

Can you release to me the location of other public parks similar to ours? Public parks this project has been implemented successfully at? The park names, if before and after photos are available, date of projects, ending results, etc.

To date I have received no…

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Contractors for the EPA

Contractors for the EPA were once again doing a site visit in the park this morning.  They were reassessing the trees to be removed.  I was told the protective soil barrier has changed.  The clay barrier will no longer be used. 

The community is hoping that more then seven trees can be saved.

Councilman Joe Cimperman, please continue to fight for our cause in saving more park trees.

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I have been told by the City of Cleveland.  The Century Old White Oak located in the park will not be saved, it will be cut.

Two years ago, I was told by arborists from the City of Cleveland, "This is a healthy tree, city policy is not to remove healthy trees".

No consideration has been given to saving a part of history in the community of Brooklyn Centre.  This White Oak is believed to be the oldest tree located in W. C. Reed Park.  How sad!

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PARK REVIEW (City, EPA & Arborist)

I had the honors of finding a walk review of the planned remediation project.  I was able to see and question Commissioner Kasych from the City, J Justice from the EPA, and an Independent Arborist.  They were accessing the Park Remediation Project this morning.

It is now known:

a) Funding for the project has been approved.
b) A meeting will be held with the community, possibly next week to review the project and take questions.

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