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The following suggestion and request was issued to the City of Cleveland on March 16, 2015.


Since no response has been received concerning this request.


Are the rumors of unannounced future plans for the residential properties along W. C. Reed Park true?


Darnell Brown, Chief Operating Officer:

Michael E. Cox, Director of Public Works:

Anthony Brancatelli, Councilman Ward 12:


As key representatives of the City of Cleveland.  Please accept the following that I submit to you for review and action.


This request if acted upon will improve my neighborhood community located in Ward 12.


Some of this information has been previously submitted by myself to Councilman Anthony Brancatelli.


This concerns four vacant land lots and three blighted residential homes in the area.


These seven property parcels are all adjoining to the land border area of W. C. Reed Park.


It is requested that all seven property parcels be acquired by the City of Cleveland, absorbed and annexed into W. C. Reed Park for park expansion.


All three residential homes listed are vacant and presently unoccupied.


This requires no resident to be moved from and relocated.  In fact, two of the three properties are presently boarded up.


The following property parcel adjoins the park border in the area of the planned new service entrance for the park at W. 15 Street:


3738 W. 15 Street PPN 008-27-055 (unoccupied boarded up home)


The following six sequential numerical property parcels are at the very end of a street.  All adjoining to the park border in the area of Forestdale Avenue:


1809 Forestdale Avenue PPN 008-26-041 (unoccupied boarded up home)

1813 Forestdale Avenue PPN 008-26-040 & 008-26-039 (double empty lots)

1823 Forestdale Avenue PPN 008-26-038 & 008-26-037 (unoccupied home & empty lot, recent sheriff's sale)

1827 Forestdale Avenue PPN 008-26-036 (empty lot)


As it is known, the U. S. EPA is presently addressing soil remediation within W. C. Reed Park and adjoining properties.  Work relating to the soil remediation is hoped to be completed this year.


Absorbing these properties and annexing them into the park requires a Fast Track Action by the City of Cleveland. Once this soil remediation is completed. Future expansion for this park could be complicated.


I fully understand that to acquire, absorb and annex these land parcels into this park will require City funds.  This funding amount will be basically little.  When you compare these required tax dollars to the tax dollars the Federal Government has committed to the soil capping of W. C. Reed Park and the neighboring residential soil clean up.


Please consider and study the feasibility of this matter.  Your assistance and immediate action will permit this annexation to happen.  This will help to improve this community. It will remove some of our troubled blighted properties in this area, and expand a beautiful treasured green space located in my neighborhood within the City of Cleveland.

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A few years ago this community lost a section of the Park land to develop Foster Point.


It would be just too sensible for the City of Cleveland to act and expand our beautiful green space in our community.

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