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.@CityofCleveland Sanitary line on Park Place damaged by EPA truck traffic- Forestdale, Willowdale what's going on?

0pdw47lhsyl12 Comment by 0pdw47lhsyl12 on June 30, 2015 at 7:01pm

EPA COLLATERAL DAMAGE on Park Place broken street broken sewer main
They don't give a shit WHAT they do. Not only have they destroyed our park, they have constantly driven fleets of monster dump trucks filled with dirt on our little side streets although they promised only to drive on Denison and not come through our neighborhoods. They have broken streets, sidewalks, dumped mountains of gravel in residential yards to make it easier to move toxic PAH infested dirt INTO THE PARK from neighboring back yards. They have overloaded our storm sewers and basements with mud and water that used to be absorbed by the grass in the park which they covered and the 50 trees in the park they cut down. They have created a mini swamp down along West 15 unleashing armies of mosquitoes. They do whatever they want and nothing is working. They are not following ANY of the original plans and they do not respond when questioned. Bow down Brooklyn Centre they are the almighty EPA. They are not accountable. They are millions of dollars over budget and still it is no where near completion. It is an unmitigated disaster but they don't live here and don't care. The longer they take moving dirt around and wander aimlessly through the mud filled swamp with their blue tooth devices, patting each other on the back the more they get paid. They promised to be finished AUGUST 2014. Why not try this. It works brilliantly down in Steelyard.

It's called a R E T E N T I O N  B A S I N. 


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