Friends of W.C. Reed Field and Cleveland Parks

Celebrate our neighborhood parks in Northeast Ohio

Many rumors have been swirling regarding WC Reed--I recently reactivated this page to address some of the concerns.  Councilman Cummins was the representative for the part of Brooklyn Centre that included WC Reed Field, but with redistricting, Councilman Cimperman now represents the area.

Per Councilman Cimperman approximately $350,000 is available to provide improvements to WC Reed Park. Fortunately, Councilman Cummins did not withdraw his funding for the park despite the redistricting.

Immediate stakeholders include adjacent neighbors represented by the Southwest Citizens, Horizon Denison School and the newly constructed Foster Pointe Senior Housing.

Park enhancements will need to prioritize several elements and uses:

--Perimeter fence
--Basketball courts
--Tennis courts
--Baseball fields
--Informal soccer
--Dog park

Added uses considered:
--Raised bed gardening

Residents have expressed concern over possible sales of park land to Riverside Cemetery. Councilman Cimperman has confirmed an offer has been made for land adjacent to cemetery.  City of Cleveland has precendent for transferred park property at WC Reed under Councilman Cummins to NRP and recently part of park at Estabrook Rec Complex transferred to Save-A-Lot.

Other integral elements affecting Greater Brooklyn Centre include plans for Calgary Park, YMCA Building, Browns Lanes, Lower Big Creek, Metroparks, Cuyahoga Valley National  Park and State Route monies for Denison and Pearl.

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